EQT royalty check this month from Stone Wells in Wetzel County ,WV. had us getting $29 for our oil. I called the company and the clueless lady on the other end says "I think prices are really down right now "   WOW. 

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If they are calling NGL's "oil" then that sounds about right.  OIl and NGL's are priced separately based on supply/demand at that current sales location.  Take a look at your dry gas price....I bet it is very very low.

Marcellus NGL do not have a hub price.  Word on the street is that NGL in the Marcellus go for 60-70% maybe up to 80% of the current WTI crude oil price.  60% of $50.00 is $30.00.

What was the royalty for oil before?

Oil prices haven't changed that much recently.  They dipped below $50 for a little while at the beginning of the year but have stayed between $50 and $60 the rest of the year.


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