Am I the only one in ths boat? I contacted owner relations. Checks were to go out a week late, so we should have seen them last week, but nothing?

Is this common?

I'm in Greene County, Center Township.

Thanks for any info! 

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Sometimes if the royalty is under a certain dollar amount, it will just be held over until the next payment is due.   Hope that helps you.     Granddad Ladd

Our royalty was deposited on the 29th, normally around the 16th.

still waiting for January here. They told me 2 weeks ago that they were going out the following day. 2/7 and still no check. We got a letter from them saying they are working on a new system and that the payments  may (that means will be) be late for Feb\march as well. Got Dec. 2 weeks late, January is 3 weeks late as of today, all though we did get notice of payment over a week ago.

It has nothing to do with the dollar amount. Now I am not in direct deposit so I can not say if it has affected direct deposit folks the same. 

I'm not 100% sure,but I think they changed the payments to the end of the month from now on.If someone knows something definitive,I'd love to know,too.

But the longer they can delay payment, the less bank interest you can get for yourself.   It is not a great amount for a royalty owner but for the folks that can hold back,  It could mean a great deal of dollar bills.

In November, EQT bought my lease from Ascent in Belmont County, Ohio.  My rights are in a working well.  They called and said I would receive my first royalty check in December or January.  I have not received my check yet. 

I received my first royalty check today from EQT.  The payment was for the months of June to end of February.

Again, we have not received our monthly royalty or received a reason why?  Anyone else not getting their check?  Reached out to customer relations but so far, no reply


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