any one know if EQT will be at least as good as rice was. I am not very happy with this deal. I just got use to rice and now its dealing with Eqt. Any one have a history with Eqt to tell us what to expect from them. With no competition in this area I feel leases will be much less. Any thoughts on this. I am in Greene Co. PA Springhill TWP.  

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My cousin was getting checks from Rice, but I never did. I'd just like to know why they are so slow about paying what is due to me. Hope they have to pay interest! This has been going on for years! Vantage send us a contract on a portion of a 40 acre plot they were looking to drill on, which we agreed to, signed the paperwork only to have them come back and tell us that the surface owners actually had the royalty rights to that property. I feel that was BS, but I couldn't afford to get a lawyer to fight it. I think someone in the extended family did fight it, but I've never heard if that was ever resolved. 


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The French fuel riots demonstrate what can happen when ordinary people are denied the basic necessities of life by “let them eat cake” elitists with agendas.

The French Revolution is hardly a thing to be admired,…



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