Where is this dispute heading?   What is the impact to current operations?   Will it affect their ability to attract investors?   How will it affect their competitiveness in the Appalachian Basin in the short term or long term?  

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DESJR YOU SEEM TO BE AWARE OF THINGS GOING ON IN Springhill TWP. I was wondering whats going on with the DRAGON CHAN well pad?  I have prop. close to it What I hear is one leg drilled with at least 4 more to be drilled. Any info would help. All so I hear that EQT only pays on legs going thru your prop. even if more are added to the unit. Is this true I thought if its in the unit everyone gets a pc. of the pie.Do you have the site to the DEP so I can get some answers  I am not very good at this computer stuff                                                                                                                                               Thank you   

Jeff Kerr,

Once the Production Unit is declared by the producer, any and all wells in that PU will contribute royalties to the owners of property in that PU, regardless of whether the wells actually 'go thru your property' or not. They will calculate the % of your property in the PU and pay based on that amount, pursuant to your lease terms.

Best of luck!

Jeff I know nothing of things in Pa. I am in Ohio. The only thing I know for certain is that I am getting jerked by EQT for my 2017 royalties. They keep telling me they are working on them. Now is that not so much nonsense since all of my 2018 thru current has been paid.

I am in Ohio also 

So I am confused....in your post immediately below, it looks like you are in PA....is that not the case? 

"are aprox 41 well permits in Springhill TWP. Greene CO. PA"

I am not well versed in OH gas, so I apologize for giving bad info.

yes I agree with you 100 % There are aprox 41 well permits in Springhill TWP. Greene CO. PA pads in place roads are in so whats the problem I have a lease where it may  expire again before its drilled and that's ok by me the bonus seems to be the better deal.2nd marcellus lease up in 3 yrs and the Utica up in 1 yrs so that tells me if they can lease 2 or 3 times  just how much is it worth  

This link has been quite for a while any news on the Rice EQT thing. I was in Greene CO. a week ago and things were quite around Springhill TWP. lots of pipe lines that seem to be completed. So I just wonder what's going on or not going on. Lori Huber where are you at I am in Springhill TWP Greene CO. PA  I can throw a stone in to wetzel Co. WV.  

Thank you for the update Lori  Huber 

Lori There was a survey team on our farm up on a hill last week.  Something about the Franklin Denny pad.So maybe Rice got eqt on the ball to drill some of the existing pads that are in place. The Michael Mc  nicolas well pad is close to the Denny also  

We are in Fallowfield Twp, Washington County, PA. I read a good article on Marcellus Drilling News updating the Rice's attempt to unseat the current board and get the co on track. They have sent out a proxy statement to shareholders in anticipation of the July vote, stating their intent and reason. Apparently they were approached by several of the lg shareholders to try to do something to get EQT operations straightened up after a steady drop in share value. It's an interesting read, especially if you're a landowner or shareholder. Influenced me enough to buy 10 shares if EQT stock, despite its poor performance, just so I can vote in July. If you can get hold of the most recent article and Summary Statement it would be worth the effort.

Well 3 day's ago we got a call from a survey CO. wanting to park on our hill top to survey something and only well pads close are the Franklin Denny and the Mishael McNICHOLAS PADS So maybe Rice got a fire going under EQT butts Springhill TWP. Greene Co. PA They did not say what they were doing but sure its about gas 

Bullfrex I spoke to a Attn. in Waynesburg Pa Yesterday and he told me EQT was doing this He and I just agreed that this is wrong. the p-u is a whole how can they determined who's gas is who's  //  I think its a way to rip the land owner off   


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