Where is this dispute heading?   What is the impact to current operations?   Will it affect their ability to attract investors?   How will it affect their competitiveness in the Appalachian Basin in the short term or long term?  

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If you have acreage in the Production Unit, I do not see how they can exclude you from being paid royalties, whether the well goes under your acreage or not. Have you seen a well plat, which shows the direction of the well(s) overlaid with the parcels affected?

In PA, I believe the 'setback' for a unit boundary is 330' from the wellbore, and this is on all sides of the wellbore. So even though the well may not pass under your rights, there may be acreage that is in the setback area.

Have you received a Unitization order showing the PU? Are the wells in production yet? Have you received a Division Order?

If you are in the PU, you should have (or soon will) receive these items. 

If you are on speaking terms with neighbors in the PU, you might ask to look at their copy....see if any of your acreage is included.

The Man we spoke with said Dragon Chan should be ready soon to look for D-O to come. and yes we seen a overlay of the prop.  waiting to see what comes next. He said that the horizontals would only pay what go's under uor acres. showed 2 out side of the acres He thought eqt was the inventor of this strategy I said it can't fly he agreed just wanted some one to know what I heard from him.  or maybe he blowing smoke up my blank 


If it is true, and the producer only 'pays for horizontals that go under our acres', then it would be net beneficial for you. The amount of acres in the PU would be at a minimum, and your share would comprise a larger %.

I don't see this concept as viable, it breaks with accepted PU/royalty payouts, and could possibly be illegal under PA law?

I would be interested to hear if this tactic has been used by EQT before; if it has, has it been challenged in court?

If OT is following this thread, maybe he might chime in with his knowledge and experience? How about it OT?

waiting for it the DO as we speak as to what the Attny. said. 3 to 4 weeks ??  And no we don't know any of the others in the unit

We receive royalties on some of the wells on a pad near us,but I have been trying to find out why we do not get paid on the latest one drilled.I have been calling Eqt on a monthly basis,just trying to get an answer,one way or another.I have asked for a copy of the allocaton map,but haven't heard back yet from the appropriate people.It is a large producer,and I can't figure out why we'd get paid on the others,but not that one...I have viewed the plat submitted,but there are on property boundries included,and the measurements given are in degrees,and impossible to figure out.Any ideas on this????

Good luck........I have been trying to get my 2017 production revenues oct thru dec. All I get is "we are working on it".  They are current for 2018 thru may 2019.

Tell me about it.They say we should hear something in "10 days"-it's been "10 days" for six months.They say they can't get thru by phone,but I have given them-my landline,a cell#,and an email-nada.I guess I will be calling again...

bullfrex I am in Ohio We have a farm in PA We went to a cx energy meeting in Waynesburg and talked to them Getting close to retirement checking all my options 


If you are referring to CNX Resources, how are they to work with?   Any problems?

no cx energy a split of cnx I spoke with a Atty. Zachary Cecchetti he finds buyers if your wanting to buy or sell. I am just testing the water as a option He works for 10 % of the deal. CX Energy was putting it on 

What do you mean CX Energy is a split of CNX?   Are you saying their former employees work for CX Energy?   Is CX Energy a spin off from CNX?  

All I know is he said they were NOT with CNX Its CX Energy a spin off Co. 


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