Several companies approaching us for leasing land in Marshall County.  I have not seen any new discussions on this website referring to any such activity.  Are there any active members with new information about leases?  I've heard that Chesapeake is back in the game.  Any truth or info would be appreciated.

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i had the feeling they were flippers....any thoughts?

Melissa. It can be challenging to get info. Visit investor presentations other gas sites and GMs. You have to put your be hat on and look at production numbers. Get a map and start marking down the numbers and we they are drilling. This should help you pinpoint the active areas and their results. Good luck
Put your bs hat on. Sorry. Stupid spell check

thanks....i can wear the hat...LOL

Melissa be very careful do not get caught up in the bonus amount shall we say the devil is in the details. Be very very careful in what you sign.
Also if at all possible sign only the depths they are interested in.
Don't sell the entire farm for the price of one cow.

Do you think all this info. and going ons in Marshall county will include Wetzel county, Littleton area?

i felt like Wetzel was active before Marshall....have a parcel there and leased a few years ago.

thanks rmc.....

being very cautious and only dipping my toe in the water at this point.  really wanting to get more info on what is going on in Marshall.  My feeling is that there is not really activity there at the point in time.  Possibly a few flippers interested now trying to predict the future.  

again, please keep me on your update list.  


I leased to Statoil over a year ago and landman keeps telling me maybe next year. A nd I got ripped off..So read everything you can....

I know there are unscrupulous landmen out there and I'm sure they play havoc on the innocent.  It is seriously unfortunate that this has been happening with this recent boom.  I recently came off a five year lease with Chesapeake and luckily it was a solid lease; 5 year no renewal, no storage.  Had an attorney check it out for me and I was good to go.  It wasn't the best time for leasing, but I didn't expect to win the lottery.  Hopefully, I can get another lease without going through any shenanigans.

fossil creek did lease the Krishna`s place early in the year but they would not come up from the 18% royalty numbers and 3000 an acre was all they were offering


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