fourth annual marie antoinette natural gas get together set for june 1st!

there's gonna be a bunch of us getting together at the marie Antoinette overlook and tavern on june 1st early in the afternoon. around 2 p.m. seems to be the consensus, but i'm sure some folks will be there a little earlier.

we usually swap stories and data from around the gas patch and it's always a good time with good folks.

everyone is invited.

the overlook has an absolutely magnificent view and some interesting architecture.

the bar has the usual fare, the glasses are relatively clean and the food aint killed nobody yet.

I hope to meet some of you there, as well as many of my most respected friends from elsewhere.


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Where is it?

Hmmmm.  Judging by the OP, I'd guess either in Chicago or in Wyalusing.  :-)


the marie Antoinette overlook is on lime hill, which is a couple of miles west of Wyalusing, on the south side of rt. 6.

looking south from the overlook, the Susquehanna river flows past the base of the hill and on the other side of the river is a broad valley which contains the remnants of the place of asylum for marie Antoinette, built by her friends so that she could run away from her troubles in france.

she never made it...but the gas companies did. there are wellpads visible from the overlook.


still on for tomorrow afternoon.

seeya there


me2 fang, from what I've read of your postings, i'm thinking you and me would have some very interesting things to talk about.

maybe next time.



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