Just got a Gulfport check - our deductions (with the no deductions but market enhancement clause lease) has now risen to 35%.  Production was also cut in half.  This is so frustrating that there is so little information out there for the property owner to educate themselves and/or manage this process.  If my lease says no deductions directly or indirectly for gathering -  than I should not be charged for gathering as a market enhancement.  Why does this charge fluctuate every month - always going up but never down?  We as landowners are a part of this business so why are we not entitled to the proper information to manage our business?  If as a business owner I am paying for market enhancement costs than as a business owner I should be entitled to a breakdown of that information each month as well.  If I rent you apartment and the lease says you have to pay half of the electric bill over $100 - you get to see the elctric bill to verify you are paying your proper part.  And your part is always the same percentage just a different cost based on the size of the bill!    Sooooo frustrating :-(


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     No doubt Gulfport has been watching what Chesapeake is doing in Ohio, and has decided to gouge the landowners. As you know Chesapeake has stopped paying royalties for obviously bogus reasons. They claim their own Marketing Company has over paid us, which has never happened. We all see what we were paid on our Royalty Statements which show we were consistently paid below Fair Market Value.

Your comment "Production was also cut in half" you'll eventually find is bogus. In 2015 most landowners were told production was cut back or stopped by Chesapeake, which explained why their royalties were reduced to nothing. Meanwhile the ODNR reported production has never been greater in Ohio. Producer are taking more and telling the landowners they are taking less. Check your well production volumes with the ODNR, if Gulfport is like Chesapeake, they will report 20% less volume to the landowner than they report to the ODNR. They will also under report production to Ohio since they know that no one is auditing the volumes taken at the wells.  

Go on line and submit an electronic complaint with the Ohio atty gnl. He won't act but your complaint will become part of the evidence that the a Grand Jury will use to ask the atty gnl and gov why they didn't act knowing theft was being conducted in Ohio.

Those in the highest position of OUR STATE will have a hard time explaining they didn't know what was going on. I told them in 2014, and the evidence is no longer just on my computer.

The best way to prevent Frustration is to know you have done everything you legally can to document your theft and notify everyone in the State, and in Washington of what your producer is doing. The Department of Justice is hot on the trail of Chesapeake for now. I'm sure all of the other producers will be in line for indictments based on the level of theft/number of complaints they are committing. If everyone documented their theft, then Washington would know who to go after next.

Let the "DONALD" know about it?

The Donald doesn't give a shit about your dumb ass mineral rights.  He has real problems to worry about, moron.

geez, take it easy buddy

rednecks, for sure!

Because there's nothing you can do about it.  They put up the money to drill and are calling the shots now.  Go ahead and create a class action lawsuit if you want.  After you're done paying the legal fees and the money is distributed to everyone you'll end up with about $25.00.  You should've sold when the prices were high.  Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.  Oink oink mofo.

PPffftttt...................just go and create a different account

I would rather see one dollar than let them falsify documents. It's one dollar I didn't have before. Also, could we have some civil discussions instead of childishness.

I received my Gulfport check today too. I never have deductions (at least not on paper). My check was way low this month. The statement claims that production was 50% less than last month...seriously? 50% in one month? I highly doubt it.
What well? How long in production?

Razin Kane and went into production last June.  This check was for February royalties.

OK what was selling price u got?


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