Do you know gas workers that have experienced health or safety problems on the job?

Oilfield contractor, Washington County, PA.

“We lost pressure on the frack … Where’s their water at? Oh, my God, where’s it at? It’s blowing up through the woods like Old Faithful, there’s all that frack water pumping over the hill down over through the woods, down in creeks. What did we do? Cover it up a little bit, put the pipes together, start pumping again”. When asked “how many times has this occurred?”, he answered “at least once a month … everybody’s taking turns covering up”.

Truck driver, Altoona, PA.

“There’s guys on there two and three years that never had a safety meeting”.

“You’ll lose all your senses: your smell, your taste, you’ll taste metal on your tongue all the time, then you’ll get this spinning all the time”.

About the number of jobs generated by the gas industry: “Yeah, there’s jobs! Once you get this stuff, you know what your job is? Looking for doctors.”

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So you're saying that 40% of your O&G fatalities are actually motor vehicle fatalities? That means your totals for the industry are inflated by 66%.

Yeah, pretty sure that's what he is saying.  Ridiculous.

What a load of bullsh*t. There is so much safety training and consciousness in this industry it borders on overkill. These lying posts by these attention starved mentally challenged leftists should just be left hanging out there to die in cyberspace to rot with no replies or attention. Ignore them and see how fast they go away.

Well now - That about says it all.  Tellin it like it is - wish we had more of that in this country!

Talisman's Frackosaurus teaches us about energy


One good thing about Paul's comments is that maybe his thoughts might cause the rest of us to think of the possibilities of what might happen and allow us to proceed with a bit of caution. Otherwise we might just jump headlong into something disasterous  that we did not see. Or pass off as unimportant!

Think about it!

"“You’ll lose all your senses: your smell, your taste, you’ll taste metal on your tongue all the time, then you’ll get this spinning all the time”.  Hmmm. My grandfather, 2 Great-Grandfathers, 2 Great Uncles, and several other family members have worked the oil and gas fields all their lives and never experienced such maladies as you see posted here. In fact, they nearly all lived to a ripe old age and passed away in their eighties or nineties after living very satisfying lives. Moreover, I was at a gathering of hundreds of oil and gas operators and employees recently and never heard any such complaint as described above.


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