what's the best direction to drill marcellus shale in Greene Co. PA THANKS 

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What are you asking here? Direction on well legs? Drilling your own well? Need a little more info to the question. Thanks

  direction they drill marcellus shale well legs in sw-pa 

That's hard to answer as it's up to the E & P company on the way they want to prepare unit acreage and file the permit(s). A lot of time you will see legs running southeast and northwest, but can vary due to the unit acreage. 

Do you have a proposed unit map from the landman? if not, you may want to ask to see one.

For example, This is what Ohio Units look like, pretty much the same deal in Pennsylvania. But I have seen some companies go straight east or west. West Virginia has done it.

Here is what West Virginia looks like, you can see how this company has a leg running straight west.

I found one from PA, but not real good.

thanks s-e to n-w  

The Franklin Denny well is being worked on and it's to the south east of me 

sorry south west of us not s-e 

Hi jc2550  Did you get you royalty check for Oct. I did it was for .70 cents per unit of gas  wow  I don't mean to pry but was your sale of gas this low ?? How are they making any money at this price 

My OG interest are in WV, My aunt had rights around the PA/ WV line. They sold their O/G rights last year.


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