Greenpeace Founder Says Carbon Dioxide Does Not Cause Golbal Warming

One of the biggest lies in politics is that carbon dioxide causes global warming.

Carbon dioxide due to human activity.

Please follow the attached link - The truth about carbon dioxide.

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Just took the time to watch this. Puts CO2 in its right place, with solid science. Very interesting is his case about tar oil sands, I never thought of it that way.

This is a wise man AND well educated. Knows how to look at the big picture...very much worth taking the 20 minutes to watch.


I wondered if anyone would invest the time. Kudos to you.

It's worth the watch. As you state a very well educated person and I would add well spoken and reasoned in his thought. A perfect juxta position to the wild unfounded claims of the environmental left.

People should also take away that he does not give up his other environmental beliefs. To me that adds credibility, he is honest. Unlike some of those who post here.

craig made me think about the debate for or against shale development.

We, who support the development, are thoughtful and reasoned. The anti folks are, well, not.

They tend to post "sound bites" of information that lack substance (read Paul's stuff). But the headlines are catchy.

On the other hand, in order for we, the supporters, to explain ourselves it takes time. I am sure we bore the heck out of readers.

The antis know this and that's why they use the sensational headlines (read Paul's stuff). It's the shiny object that gets the attention. This is a part of the dishonesty of the anti shale people. They hope you won't look behind the veneer and look at the facts. The anti folks are dishonest (again, read Paul's stuff).

I hope you all will sit through this man's presentation.

Thanks for link. Proof climate change is part of Earth's evolution not mans.


Finally some truth!

I really think some people would not be satisfied unless we all lived in huts and it was an ice age again. 

Patrick Moore wasn’t “THE founder” of Greenpeace, he was one of several.

“The current Greenpeace web site lists the founders of The Don't Make a Wave Committee as Dorothy and Irving Stowe, Marie and Jim Bohlen, Ben and Dorothy Metcalfe, and Robert Hunter. According to both Patrick Moore and an interview with Dorothy Stowe, Dorothy Metcalfe, Jim Bohlen and Robert Hunter, the founders of The Don't Make a Wave Committee were Paul Cote, Irving and Dorothy Stowe and Jim and Marie Bohlen.”

Patrick Moore has a financial incentive to be a climate change skeptic.

“Moore has earned his living since the early 1990s primarily by consulting for, and publicly speaking for a wide variety of corporations and lobby groups such as the Nuclear Energy Institute."

Patrick Moore’s recent statements are unscientific.

"During March 2015 in an interview … Moore was asked about the safety of the herbicide glyphosate. Moore told Paul Moreira that one "could drink a whole quart of it" without any harm. When Moore was challenged to drink a glass of the weedkiller, he refused, and ended the interview. The interview came shortly after the release of a World Health Organization (WHO) report adding glyphosate to a list of probable carcinogens.”

People that bury their heads in the sand can ignore global warming for now, but do that too long, and rising sea level may inundate them.

A fraction of an Xkcd comic below. Click this for more


You didn't even watch the video. Instead of discussing the content you imdeiately attack the person. Typical whacko environmental leftist.

That's right, the world was colder. BTW who was alive to take the temp and record it.

But I digress, the point is that the earth warmed long before the use of carbon fuels.

So how did that occur? Simple, the earth is continuously in a cooling and warming cycle.

We are actually in a cooling cycle right now, not a warming cycle.

The fact is that there is no proof of man made global warming. I state again, no proof.

The info whackos such as Paul use is all theory based on computer models. Computer models are only as reliable as the data input into the programs. Garbage in, garbage out.

The whackos put in data that supports their theory, leaving out anything that disputing the theories, that's the garbage in.

Paul, once again, there is no proof that man causes global warming. Nor is there proof that carbon dioxide plays a part.

You are fear monger continually spewing misinformation in order to create fear.

Shame on you.

BTW, sea levels are declining. All those islands that you nut jobs claim will be submerged are actually expanding because sea levels have dropped.

You do not have your head in the sand. Instead you have it firmly implanted in your butt.


It took me this long to reply again, I was laughing for so long.

You cite a comic as a source to support your position?

That is priceless!

Get ready for the excuses. By 2022 Arctic ice will be above 1981-2010 average. Currently back to 2007 levels. Low was in 2012.

Bet they change the dates for calculating average ice levels. Using 1979-2000 instead of 1981-2010. That won't work either. By 2022 probably highest ice level in 100+ years.

Better book ahead for the Thames Frost Fair. For those that prefer domestic travel book New Orleans to see ice in the Gulf from Mississippi River.


The fact that world is in a cooling cycle is completely ignored by the man made global warming crowd.

Now watch the Ring of Fire. South end of San Andreas fault (Salton Sea) having Earthquake swarms and today a volcanic eruption in SW Mexico (Colima). Add enough volcanic ash to upper atmosphere with a solar Grand Minimum and this could be a 1000 year event. Just hope it's not a 10,000+ year event.
Watch these dates Oct 16&30 and Nov 14 (especially) and lastly Nov 29.
Shown enough of my tin foil hat for now.

"Patrick Moore has a financial incentive to be a climate change skeptic" - Paul heckbert

Likewise, Al Gore has a financial incentive to be a climate change believer.  He's practically a Billionaire by pimping his "human caused" climate change baloney.


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