Greenpeace Founder Says Carbon Dioxide Does Not Cause Golbal Warming

One of the biggest lies in politics is that carbon dioxide causes global warming.

Carbon dioxide due to human activity.

Please follow the attached link - The truth about carbon dioxide.

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Ummm.... I hate to crash the party, but this guy is far from "wise and well educated." Does he really think climate scientists have not taken his simplistic points into account? This video is propaganda - very little science, selectively presented, and lacking any grasp of the complexities involved. The claim that if we were to stop burning fossil fuels it would kill the trees is so ridiculous as to be unworthy of a response. What does he think kept plants alive before we started burning coal? 

It is very difficult to see the truth when your paycheck depends on not seeing it. I'm no enemy of gas development as a transition fuel, but every leased landowner on this forum knows all too well who the bullies and the liars are on this issue, especially if they're leased with Chesapeake.

Let's not bury our heads in the sand for ideological reasons. Look at the science, the real science, and you'll see that we have to cut CO2 emissions if we want to avoid serious problems. No, climate change won't destroy the earth, but it will cost billions upon billions of dollars and quite a few lives. Just ask an insurance company about their take on global warming! 

Unfortunately Barry you have a quack here.  He hasn't belonged to Greenpeace since the 1970's and left them to make money by supporting the polluters.  This guy's ideas have not only been debunked by scientists around the world but also by Greenpeace.  Go to the Greenpeace web site to see what they say about this quack. There URL is:


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