Hello all,

 I have not been here in awhile and need the latest info on guernsey co along Laughman rd. I have been getting many people interested in purchasing my mineral rights, which leads me to believe something in about to happen. I have heard nothing from any drillers, any thoughts? 

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Hello everyone and the latest for me is I’ve signed up with a sent two months ago so things are happening
Hi Walt if you don’t mind me asking how much did you get per acre how long is the lease and what is the percentage? Just got an offer from Encino but I’m going to hold out it was 3000 an acre 15% and a six year term
Sorry about the voice recognition for ascent and I sold the property down the street from the fairgrounds in Guernsey a year or so ago Brit maintain the mineral rights. I’m so glad I did the contract that we got was reminiscent of our last Eclips contract, which was pretty decent.

Congratulations Walt. Thanks for updating us!

Encino is in town everyone

OOHRAH, In Tuscarawas County Encino/EAP paid an average of 3,000 an acre so some more and some less. Mostly 15% some got 16% GROSS. Of course this was a year ago. Make sure it is Gross and have a Lawyer check the wording for that in the lease because they like to twist the wording around and it ends up letting deductions happen. Those that held out got the higher Bonus but there is always a chance that they just cut you out of the Unit. They take most Units to Unitization because they can't convince everyone to sign a lease. You can negotiate with them even through the ODNR Unitization hearing timeframe.

Why would you want a six year term? Do you mean 3 years upfront and an option for 3 more if they pay a bonus again? When they started out they did offer that but then they only offered 5/5 year lease. But I guess anything is negotiable. I think it depends on when they think they will drill. If they have a lot going on they like the 5/5 to give them time. I certainly don't think you meant a 6 year lease upfront then an option. 

Encino is serious about drilling the people they want to lease. They are not speculative.

If you want to know what companies are paying in your county go to the ODNR Unitization Hearing Calendar online and it will show you when Unitization Hearings are scheduled, what companies etc. Anyone can call in and listen to a Hearing.  The O&G company has to state the average bonus paid along with the royalty amount. So it is very informative.

Good Luck

Trying to figure out how to call in . Property in Guernsey have had offers . From two different companies.

Wondering if it’s better to wait to see what happens with saltfork
Not seeing any hearings for Guernsey county.

Look this website up: 

Events Calendar | Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The soonest I found for Guernsey  was Sept 06 for Ascent. Click on that days hearing for specific information on the time and how to call in.

Meeting information updated August 11.

The Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management will hold a hearing to consider the Donna NW LND GR Unit from Ascent Resources in Guernsey County.

The public hearing will be held virtually on September 6, 2023 starting at 2:30 p.m. For those wishing to participate, please choose from the following options:

Virtually: Participants wishing to stream the meeting may CLICK HERE to join the Teams meeting. Please enter your name when joining the meeting.

Telephone: Dial (614) 721-2972 and when prompted enter the phone conference ID 651 974 306 followed by the # symbol.

Oh and just a heads up when I tried to stream virtually a few months ago it did not work so I had to call in to listen.


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