Guernsey Lease Offers: County / Date of Offer / Royalty % / Bonus Per Acre / Acreage

Ohio-Guernsey County     06/27/2011     15.00%     $1600.00     5 years     100.00
Ohio-Guernsey County     10/22/2011     20.00%     $5000.00     5 years     5.00
Ohio-Guernsey County     09/26/2012     20.00%     $5000.00     5 years     48.00
Ohio-Guernsey County     09/27/2012     14.00%     $3600.00     5 years     40.50
Ohio-Guernsey County     09/27/2012     14.00%     $3600.00     5 years     40.50
Ohio-Guernsey County     02/27/2012     16.00%     $2000.00     5 years     0.75

ADD YOUR"S BELOW. Please add any additional qualifying info; Section-Township-Range etc.

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good luck im in cambridge as well and i got no leads let me know if you find someone leasing

CURRENT OFFER : 2250 per acre 18% GROSS
3YR + 3Yr option at 2500 per acre .
Hearing a lot , mostly from landman and it's bs. The above offer is real and from my attorney .
Sorry , Guernsey County , Madison Township

No offers here------

88 acres

Section 21--- Londenderry TWP.---------Range 7

Anyone in this area, leasing?


nc man

Has anyone entertained a lease offer lately in Guernsey, if so can you share details & township?

Anybody getting any offers?Thanks

Millwood Twp, $3,750 acre, 18% gross no deductions royalty.

Thanks Scott was that thru ascent?

Steel City Minerals out of Pittsburgh. They are a mineral buyer but recently began leasing. I have KWGD (Bill Williams) handling the lease terms etc and everything going smoothly so far. They are very particular about the location they are interested in and luckily my acreage is what they want. 

Hope it works out for you

I hear Ironhead is leasing in Madison township

I think Ironhead is a Flipper. When they tried to lease my O&G rights a year ago in another area they lo balled $500.00 an acre. They were not leasing for anyone but themselves. Come to find out there was activity beginning in the area and they wanted to lease me before EAP/Encino did. After doing some research I contacted EAP/Encino on my own and leased directly with them with better results.


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