We are seeing a huge increase in our deductions from Gulfport.  In the last year, the deduction percentage has more than doubled.  They are now 29% of our gross royalties.  Meanwhile, EQT who actually operates our wells has a much lower deduction percentage.  It is only between 6%and 8% of our gross royalty.  Is anyone else seeing these high Gulfport deductions?  

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One day soon you will learn that the volumes of Your well products have been severely under reported.

You are doing very well if you are getting a 1% royalty from any O&G company.

With Encino taking what they want of the 1% royalty Chesapeake was granting to us, leaving a 0.1% royalty for the 4 counties they are located in, I would expect other companies to follow suit, since no one is watching. THE COAST IS CLEAR, or is it? 


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