More good news for the Utica:

Shugert 1-12 Results

  • Gulfport's Shugert 1-12H tested at an average sustained 18 hour rate of 28.5 million cubic feet ("MMCF") per day of natural gas, 300 barrels of condensate per day, and 2,907 barrels of natural gas liquids ("NGLs") per day assuming full ethane recovery and a natural gas shrink of 10%, or 7,482 barrels of oil equivalent ("BOE") per day.

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Prolific!!  I see the choke on this is 32/64 as opposed to 26/64 on the 1-1H

Does anyone know what the horizontal length of this well is compared to the other top producing wells?

Not sure but I believe the first Shugert was 5800'. The Gulfport laterals seem to average a bit longer than other wells, but not by a whole lot.

Does anyone know how many acres are included in this one well?  If its around 640 acres then the royalties are huge.  $5K/acre/month possibly more.  NG price is going to continually increase too.  

Shugert 1-12H , 640 acres, 6783' lateral, 77% on Shugert land, balance on land owned by two others.


Shugert 1-12H 6783' lateral length

Wagner well ~8200" lateral length

Geat news,

Much more good news and the NG price will be low very long.

Can anyone tell me where tis well located?  I could not find it on the state's list of permitted/drilled wells in Guernsey county.

It is near the middle of Belmont County

Warren Township (western side of Belmont County) about 4 miles N NE of Barnesville.  Their next wells are located about 4 miles S SW of Barnesville.  Hope they do as well.  Gulfport picked up a lot of acreage in this area through Wishgard in the summer of 2011.  Antero just picked up the 1,000 acres from the village, and Oxford probably holds about 50% of the land around Barnesville that they picked up for $5 back before anyone here had heard of Marcellus, let alone Utica.  It will be interesting to see where Oxford goes with their holdings.


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