Does anyone know what is going on with the Hartz well in Fairfield township?
This well was not on the ODNR report but the pipeline went to it late last spring.

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I think there is litigation regarding the unit on that one.   Not sure where it stands. 

If you look at second quarter production and if you are familiar with the Teagarden Pipeline you will notice that only Jan Paul, Roy D, and Mrugala have production in that quarter. The last leg if the pipeline which included Mueller, Riffle, Weaver, Hartz, Mellenger in that order was completed much later then the first and second legs. None of the wells on the final section are showing production in second quarter. Most were not even listed on there. And those that were listed showed no production.

Hello Kathleen. Yours is the first question/comment on this page regarding the Hartz well that I've seen. I was going to ask who you are but after some checking I think I know where you're located ( if your last initial is S. ). I'm close enough to the Hartz well to hit it with a rock. I used to be able to watch deer run through the Hartz property to yours before the earthworks around the well pad was completed. This should tell you where I am.

With respect to the two other comments. The Mellenger well according to the ODNR was producing as of July ( before the pipline ) so I don't know where he was getting his info from. I suspect that if it is producing, it was being trucked out until the pipline was completed.

We are part of the litigation. I'll know more after next Wednesday. Thats when we ( the group ) go to the mediation hearing in Lisbon. If the mediation doesn't resolve the thing, we all have been told that it will drag out into next year. The well is ready to go so I suspect that Hartz isn't producing because of the litigation. The Grubbs well was started after Hartz and it's showing production now. In fact there are more holes approved for drilling per the Morning Journal.

I also hear that Mellenger is doing very well. If true, I believe that they want Hartz up and running very soon since the two wells are so close. I also hear that they want at least three more holes on the Hartz pad but there isn't record of this yet. This comes from my neighbor ( also part of the litigation ) who talks the guys working on the Hartz well.

There are some very angry people here because of the litigation. A group of us have joined together with one attorney to fight this. We are all not even sure why we are part of this since we ( as individual landowners ) all signed leases with Chesapeake. The people who started this BS should have a "beef" with Chesapeake not all of us. I don't figure that they will be on anyone's Christmas card list for including neighboring landowners in this mess ( due to the cost, frustration and fear ). We figure that if we don't hang together, we'll certainly hang separately.

That's all I can tell you now. Sorry if this seems sort of disjointed. It's just the frustration coming through. We all feel that once this is put to rest that the next one to do the screwing will be Chesapeake and or Hillcorp.

I'm not near that well but know of others that are that are not in the unit but are wondering what their future holds. Since I love this subject I wrote here and to the ODNR.
The ODNR, just said it's not producing.

Are you speaking of the Mellenger well not producing? This is what I found on the ODNR site. It shows production. I'm not sure what the discrepancy is. The Vindactor Shale Sheet Fracking page shows it also. Now, they haven't updated it since the end of July. I'm just confused by all of this. many of us here feel like "mushrooms"...of you know what I mean.

Cumulative Permitting Activity


I'm was still referring to the Hartz.
Just for conversation, I'm not sure if CHK will go the other way with that well. They sold the leases the other way to another gas co.

I assume that by " the other way " you mean another physical direction. I don't believe that they would shut the well down. CHK sold some of the leases to Hilcorp. This I know because I am one of those leases.
I also know that Hartz isn't producing yet but everything is ready for it. Two of us in the group believe that all they need to do is "throw the switch". We think that they are waiting because once production no's start coming in that it would give "ammo" to the folks who started this legal mess ( barganing for more money ). The well runs right under their propery too. Southeast to northwest.


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