Has anyone signed a lease recently that were not part of a landgroup?

Hi! Just curious to know if anyone signed a lease lately that were not part of a landgroup. I'm still struggling to get a good lease with some protection.

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All the time, like yesterday.

Are you getting decent terms? MDE thru CHK has offered me $4000 per acre with 20% gross but it has a clause where i have to pay for enhancements.....they told me that CHK won't increase their offers but its likely to get worse from here. Do you feel that is true?

Who else is leasing in your area?

Just CHK.....they just called me and told me that if i don't sign a lease within the next few days then the chances are slim that CHK will agree to a lease. Landman said that CHK gave them a directive to finish negoiating any leases in the next few days with any landowners that are not included in a unit and if the landowner didn't agree to a lease then CHK wasn't going to pursue the lease any further....that they were tying up all loose ends. What do you think of all that?  I am not in a unit but in the buffer zone right next to a unit....Mahoning County Beaver township.

This was in the CHK lease that they wanted me to sign:

The right to drill injection wells to dispose of "brine, completion and production fluids, waste water and any hydrocarbon related substances from any source, including, but not limited to wells on the Leasehold or lands pooled or unitized therewith or from properties and lands outside the Leasehold or pooled or unitized therewith, and to conduct all operations as may be required, for so long as necessary and required by Lessee for purposes as herein provided."

All for the sum of $1000 per year total, not per acre per year.

Make sure that it is not in your lease.

I made sure that there wasn't in our lease. did you recently sign a lease with CHK?

No, I signed with Gulfport.

What area are you from?

Guernsey county, Millwood TWP

JDM, if you are in Beaver township, Mahoning county, you need to call me ASAP, 330 707 9688, at 11AM to 6PM, leave your number if I am not there and you may ask Cordy to call my cell phone to give me your number. OR private message me and I will give you the contact name to lease your Beaver Twnshp. land.

Just sent you a private message as I'm at work and need to watch my calls right now...LOL

Get an attorney that specializes in oil & gas leases.  I wouldn't deal with any of those land men.  They do not look out for your interests.


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