Has anyone signed a lease recently that were not part of a landgroup?

Hi! Just curious to know if anyone signed a lease lately that were not part of a landgroup. I'm still struggling to get a good lease with some protection.

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I agree with you. I definitely plan on doing that.

I spent $1000.00 on an attorney.  They recommended 30 changes to the lease and Gulport refused to agree to any of the changes and told us we better sign now because the lease was fair.  They also said they were going to start drilling soon and if we did not sign now we would not be included in the group.

It seems like the O&G companies are pushing people into signing these leases and they do not want to negoiate anymore.  Did you sign? We told CHK to forget it....that we weren't signing their standard lease.

They sent us the leases, I don't want to sign, but other family members are afraid if we don''t sign we will lose our opportunity for the bonus money.  What was CHK response?

MDE said that CHK won't want to sign us now....but I just got a call directly from CHK and I told him about MDE....he's looking into and will call me tomorrow about leasing our property....i'm also talking to Hilcorp.


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