It has come to my attention that some oil and gas companies have been soliciting landowners making an offer to buy your mineral rights. If any person has been contacted or has done business with a company of this nature please contact me or post to this discussion. Again, this is regarding selling your mineral rights to a company, not leasing. Thank you for your time and interest in this matter. 

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so as not to repeat posts by Little Cougar...but whatever you do, don't sell those rights.  Read my discussions and you will see why...

I appreciate your response, however, I am looking for people who have already sold their mineral rights.



I have not sold my mineral rights, but have listened to an offer or two over the years....I am curious as to where you are going with this?  I am curious as to what your intent is and who you may be representing?



If anyone has been either so desperate - or so ignorant - as to sell their mineral rights, I doubt that they would either be reading this - or posting about it - on here... 

With all due respect, my house is not for sale, but if the price is right I can have the moving van out front in the morning.  I would not blame anyone for listening to what is out there, but would not necessarily be itching to part with them that is for sure.



Mine are for sale!   $40K per acre.

It isn't desperation. There are plenty of people who are HBP or simply getting older and would rather have the money today as compared to the prospect of money 10 years from now. Only about 15% of these wells will be truly epic with the rest simply breaking even or losing money. If someone offers you money today to mitigate your future risk it certainly is an option worth exploring.

I am not interested in buying your mineral rights, or selling mine. I am just looking for information. Please understand I am not trying to talk people into selling their rights, or talk down to people who have already. I just want to learn specifics about offers that have been made or are being made. 

I know...

I was offered $1700 an acre.

I asked if that was a per week or per month price.....they didn't think it was funny

generally 3x current lease signing bonus's is standard.

seems to me have got more then enough information on this site about selling mineral rights and the above replies are right on.  If you want more info about selling mineral rights, contact one of these companies listed on the right hand side of this screen.  Your fishing for something...hmmmmmmm

Please do not think I am trying to swindle you or take advantage in anyway. I am looking for information. I do not have ANY stake in the gas business, I am just looking for facts. 


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