I have been hearing of companys offering $12000, $13000 even $15000/ acre to buy mineral rights. So far I haven't been able to find out who is making these offers. If you've received an offer in this range could you please tell me who made it? Thanks.

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KBE minerals. Out of PA. I won't say what they offered but you can find them on internet. Depends where your located also


  I haven't found anything online for KBE minerals.  Can you provide a website? Thanks

Nearly 16k an acre ..... Where it stops nobody knows. Wonder when it will hit 20k an acre.

16k what's location

Quoted from the first page "Guernsey, Londonderry TWP.  $15,700/acre to purchase the minerals .Flat Iron and Bounty Minerals"

We r a little south marion twp noble offers not that high yet

I hope they hit 20k plus for the landowners! Time will tell though.

Hold on tight let it ride lets stay in this game for the long haul its a low ball offer 

Went to an auction last night where they auctioned off 19.94 acres of already leased minerals and it brought $275,000.  This was on the Monroe Belmont line.

Was this just bare farmland or was there buildings on it to increase the value?

That was just for the mineral interest NO LAND AT ALL.


Where was this auction located? Were there any other minerals up for sale?



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