I recently watched the movie "Hillary's America" I recommend every American see that. It explains the history of the democratic party and the rise of the Clintons. It talks about their views on the oil and gas industry and the war on coal and fossil fuels. I came away from that movie enlightened and disturbed. If she becomes our next POTUS we are in for trouble on a biblical scale. Our country will cease to exist as we know it. Has any one else on site seen this? 

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Hi Peggy, thank you for the response. Do you think it would make a difference to her liberal supporters to have this info? Nope.... Because from what I've been watching on the DNC convention some of the 'Bernie' protesters have been burning our flag. Some of them hate our country. I say if they don't like it here, move..... We, as people who love this country need to stand up and stick up for it by telling every one we can what we know about the Dems and Hilliary. Pray to God she doesn't get elected POTUS... 

And did you see what Trump wants to do? He has invited Russia to hack into to the emails she has sent. Do you really want a president that suggests that idea????  Is he all that perfect anyone at all should trust him? Is he so perfect that only he, MISTER TRUMP, can cure all the problems of our country?

Mr. Ladd, Trump was being sarcastic about the Russians. It's not clear yet who hacked the Dems E-mails. As far as trust goes, I'd trust him before I'd trust a pathological liar like H.R.C. Go see the movie, "Hilliary's America" and then tell me who you'd rather trust. 

But how can you be sure that Trump was being sarcastic?  And even if he was being sarcastic, other countries just might take his suggestion serious and try this hacking process. And supposing Trump gets to be president, it just might be that he himself would be the victim of hacking. Would he like that?  Do you really think that he is absolute perfection and no one else could solve problems?

Do you really think movies about famous people are the absolute truth?

Hi Mr. Ladd, well, look at the context in the whole speech. Come on, Trump is not that stupid to invite the Russians to hack our government's e-mails when he is running for POTUS  even though I believe it is a common practice now for both sides to hack each other.  This has been going on for some time the truth be told. No, I don't believe that Mr. Trump is perfect but I do believe he is way better than the alternative which is "Billary Clinton" and their minions. As for the movies made about famous people, if there was chance that the accusations were false then I would guess Dinesh D' Souza would be getting sued for liable. But the information that is brought forth in this movie are indisputable facts. So go see the movie and then let me know what your thoughts are on this. TY   

Wiki leaks isn't done yet. Watch and soon you'll see classified documents released that she lied about NOT deleting.

Hi Trapper, can't wait...:)

Me too Lance , me too!

And  Mr "J" How can you make a judgement of what I am thinking?  What she did or did not do will come out or not in years to come.  It is very easy to conger up what a person is thinking or not thinking but the actual truth may be something else entirely! For example,  People once thought the earth was flat and to sail off out of sight of land was risky. You would fall off the earth.   If that idea was true, then why did the water not drain out of the oceans and off the edge of the earth!  Shallow thinking people cannot understand or perceive anything beyond their nose!

Who cares what Trump said about the Russians, you can bet they already have ALL of Hil-liary's e-mails.... she used an unprotected-unauthorized server for ALL of her e-mails and lied and lied and lied about it.....  My son was in Naval cyber-intelligence for 6 years and is still doing it.  He said the Ruskies are the best hackers in the world, hands down, if they wanted them, they already have 'em. Anyone with common sense knows that.   And anyone that thinks Trump's statement on TV is worse than what she actually did for 4 years as our misguided Sec'y of State, is also in fantasy land.  I think they both suck, but one of them should already be in prison for perjury and treason . . .  and it isn't Trump.....  

Right on James!!!!


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