I recently watched the movie "Hillary's America" I recommend every American see that. It explains the history of the democratic party and the rise of the Clintons. It talks about their views on the oil and gas industry and the war on coal and fossil fuels. I came away from that movie enlightened and disturbed. If she becomes our next POTUS we are in for trouble on a biblical scale. Our country will cease to exist as we know it. Has any one else on site seen this? 

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Just wondering who wrote Hillarys America??/ would it be a Republican???  Each of them are going to throw all the dirt they can to win. I just cant vote for someone that acts like a spoiled 2 year old. ...and i have gas& oil and coal on my property.. God help us in this election!!

Hi JoAnn, I appreciate your concern... The man who made this movie is Dinesh D'Souza. He is a very credible author and movie maker. This movie is all based on undeniable  facts. Please check it out. The Clintons  are corrupt as they come and are a very real threat to our country and way of life.

Thanks to Hillary's "extreme carelessness" I am 100% sure that the Russians, Chinese, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran and every other enemy of the United States already has the entire contents of her "home brewed" server and would simply need to forward the file containing the 30,000 missing emails to the FBI. And are you so naive as to believe that every country in the world doesn't already do this type of hacking as part of their intelligence gathering process?    

True, and I bet that those people will be doing everything they can,or everything they wont do, to get The Hildebeast elected!  Whether or not Trump will do as he says he will, I bet they are really scared about what he might do about them!  the fear in its self would be enough for them to want Clinton instead. IMHO

BULL!  He was making a joke.  Everyone with even a small amount intelligence know that Russia already has their copies of the emails.

There are very few in this conversation who have any intelligence and that includes you Patricia. You are the most ill informed group of people that I have had the misfortune to encounter.   I'm outta here and blocking any further messages.    

That's what you think.

But, what do you know ? ?

Peggy, I agree !   It would be Sad.... to see her as President !   

There may come a day when citizens of this country are crossing "illegally" into Mexico for jobs............

I very much doubt that gas boy... before that happens Mexico will be annexed into the U.S. and then we'll all be one happy family.... :)

Lance lets hope and PRAY that never happens, Mexico is a hell hole and Trump didn't lie or misspeak when he said Mexico doesn't sent their best across the border.  In the mid 1990's Mexican government was bringing prisoners to the Arizona border and dumping them. I think that people don't understand how much American cash travels across the border.. Also that is a known way into America from all over the world...Years ago  a Quran was found in the garbage they litter our desert with while illegally entering America. The fools in Hollywood who want to flood our country with illegals don't live like the rest of us do..I have lived in Arizona for almost 30 years and been to different parts of Mexico and would never step foot in that filthy place again

Hi Teresa, I was stationed in Fort Bliss Texas in the mid-70s....I agree, we should build the wall that Trump wants and then guard it with National guard troops. Islamic terrorists are coming across that way but what is more alarming is that Hilliary wants to welcome 100,000 more refugees infused with ISIS scum. Who, in their right mind, would do that? Knowing that ISIS has said that's their plan of attack, to infiltrate and wait for orders... I was being sarcastic about annexing Mexico but if we have an 'open' southern border what's the difference? Hilliary will make sure they all get a driver license and a social security card so they can suck the gravy out of the American tax payer.     


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