Looks like Josh is on the loose again...


House Republicans directed Capitol Hill police to detain a highly regarded documentary crew that was attempting to film a Wednesday hearing on a controversial natural gas procurement practice. [...]

Josh Fox, director of the Academy Award-nominated documentary "Gasland" was taken into custody by Capitol Hill police this morning, along with his crew, after Republicans objected to their presence, according to Democratic sources present at the hearing.



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 Jeff this is the back door approach:

RED ALERT THOUGH : Sugar coating

Ohio Farmers Union

1011 North Defiance Street

P.O.Box  363

Ottawa, Ohio 45875

Phone 419-523-5300

Our activities include visits with legislators, meetings with state agencies, providing legislative testimony during bill and rules making hearings and connecting our members with their legislators. We also cooperate with various other public interest groups such as the Ohio Environmental Council.OFU’s 2011 state and national policy document is discussed and ratified at our state convention each January.

OFU also assists Ohio farmers in participating in programs such as the National Carbon Credit Program which rewards farmers who put carbon into the soil – taking the greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere. At the national and state levels, cooperation has also come to embrace the consumer more and more over the years.

Now see what their buddies advocate on fracking!

Here are some contacts where you should call to voice opposition to this sugar coated ban in the making :

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (614) 249-2400   ask for Dale

Email contact

Ohio Farmer Magazine

Tim White
Editor, Ohio Farmer 
117 West Main Street, Suite 202
Lancaster, OH 43130
Tel: 740-654-6500
Fax: 740-654-9367

I think that Jeff D has made some very good points. Both sides of the debate have entirely different tactics, styles, and objectives. The anti-drilling crowd intentionally misuse facts because the facts are not on their side.  Thus they manipulate their opponents into an emotional debate, one that stops people from analyzing the issues on facts and instead get them to react emotionally.  And from a purely emotional position, every breathing human alive will support the environment.

When one is faced with radical groups, the best tactic is to be very calm and just respond with facts. If they yell, just point out that volume does not make their facts any more right. And when they suddenly change the subject, point out that their sudden change away from a point is an admission that you won that particular point.

Show some sympathy with their position.  Thank them for bringing enough pressure that the frac companies not only disclose what chemicals they use but have come up with new formulations that are much more environmentally friendly. Why Halliburton....yes that evil Halliburton.... has developed a mix that consists entirely of chemicals approved by the FDA for use in food or by the cosmetic industry for use in make up. Point out some other improvements they accomplished.

Its not easy to do, especially when there are ten of them yelling different things at once.  But reacting emotionally is exactly what they want. And then they win.

This has been a great debate to read.   Thank you all for your insight.  Especially  to Jeff D and Jim L. for sound advice. 


I have been watching this discussion and I would like to provide additional food for thought, especially for those who are in areas where drilling is just beginning, possibly where leasing is just beginning.

Don't wait to start getting your facts out there.  One of the ways to avoid some of the unpleasantness we encounter in New York and Pennsylvania is to be proactive and not reactive.  It gets tiring being on the defensive.  An organized group of well-funded drilling opponents got their message out before those who support drilling and one of the results is New York is entering its fourth year of a drilling moratorium.  They get their message out first, making it appear they were the voice of the majority.  Many of those in favor of it were then afraid to speak up.  It is important landowners and those who feel this is the direction our country should take towards energy independence group together and BE VOCAL!

Being on the offensive versus the defensive allows room for "playing nice"; when you are on the defensive though, and the opponents lies start taking hold, it becomes a whole new ballgame.  Does this mean that one has to stoop to their level?  Of course not, but the rules of engagement reach a whole new level and reactions have to change.

What do I mean?  I have had friends who have had their property damaged and I myself have been followed home with the apparent hopes of intimidating me enough to stop my involvement.  Get the upper hand and things may never have to escalate to the point they are here.


  Sherry in documents obtained through a public records request to the Ohio Department of Health I paid $45 for the documents of the former Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation (which was a State agency ran by anti tobacco lobbyist) in the instructions on how to impose a ban in a city it stated that you should obtain a 3% or more backing by the community! THREE PERCENT! To appear as the majority!

 It even detailed how to stage a City Hall meeting in your favor!

  We have seen anti frackers already do this.


Who is exactly we as you expressed here "That's great advice, Sherry, and we have been working to be proactive in Ohio."

when i think of fringe i think of the buckskins on the first americans.


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