How to find accurate map with GPS coordinates for actual well plat?

I currently own property in Greene county. I own mineral rights on 447 acres. EQT has created a well site in the middle of my property rights. However, according to them, I only own 280 acres of 669 acres the well is to cover. Problem is, the original deed are in early American deed writing with boundaries starting at a white oak tree, going 30 purces to a rock, thence by property of ........., to a post etc. While I have a pretty good idea of the actual property line, I cannot find anywhere EQT's actual propert lines. I have names of 10 surface owners and their leases with a diagram but no reference to any physical, map of how their boundaries are laid out. Can anyone help me as to where to look, I have a copy of a proposed well plat location with names of owners properties but again, no actual boundaries for their leases? ? ? 

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Eqt should have surveyed the property in order to create the plat. Have you had a surveyor look at the documents.

Tim Greene

Never got any info. No survey. If I had, it would have GPS coordinates and I wouldnt have much problem figuring out where every thing is. As it stands, I have no info to work from. 


I spent several years as a Title Abstractor. If you want to message me with a bit more information, I can get you the property details.


Tyler, I can give you the original deed for MY property, but have no information about EQT's except names of "pooled lease's" The original deed is from 1939 and was handed down from my great great grandfather to his wife after his death, then to their 7 children of which my mother's mother was one. It's in Morris Twp, Greene Co, Pa. ? 

You can call the Chief of the DEP and he can send you the total well/unit map with names on it.

That's how I found out we are in a unit.

Did you lease all of your acreage with EQT??

Here's the problem. "pool":  and I dont know how much EQT took.

I don't know exactly what you're asking for. The original deed you reference in "early American deed writing" is scribed in metes and bounds which is still the legal way to describe land in what was colonial Virginia and Pennsylvania (now Pa, WV, Va and Ky.) It's a pain in the butt...that's the hand we were dealt. You're never going to find EQTs actual property lines...I doubt they own any of the guess is they are leasing all the property. I don't know the rules for pooling in PA as well as I do for WV. I don't think the well plats have to be as detailed as you would like for them to be. These companies just want to put the bare minimum on the well plats, because they are legally binding. By putting the pooling unit and the leases on the plat could in turn make EQT legally binding to that unit and pool. They could screw up a lateral, not drill the full length...and need to modify things..etc. There's a possibility EQT had to submit a pre-drill unit and a copy of it is in the courthouse, but I doubt it since you own property that makes up half the would know if there was a pre drill unit pool requirement. I would advise to contact EQT and request a map of the proposed pool. Easier than its sounds, I know. As for your question on geographical coordinates for your property the metes and bounds survey description there aren't any, but a good Geographical Systems Analysis or CAD Analysis or a surveyor can provide XY cords for your surveyed property boundaries. Once again I would ask EQT they may provide them. At my old job I provided them for land owners, but only wtih discretion from the representing company land man. Giving the location of your property I would guess the survey was done using the Pennsylvania South NAD 27 system which is done in feet and easily converted to a Lat long system. Good luck...

Have your resolved your question about locating your oil and gas in Greene County?

What I did was take the plat map of the unit which is filed with the county where the well is located. Every unit plat has the leases it encompasses drawn. Next take a tax parcel map..most states have them on-line, in WV it's Find a point of the lease that matches a corner of a tax parcel. I know this sounds impossible, but it's not. It is highly unlikely that an original land tract would be cut up so badly as to not leave a valid corner of an existing surface tract. Once you find that point, you can get the exact coordinates off of the tax map. From that point you can develop every twist and turn using the original deed. It is a good idea to work them from the known point and go both directions. Figure that the closest marks to the beginning and the ending of the original deed are the most accurate. Once you are satisfied with your points, you can plot it on Google Maps (My Maps) and bring it up in satellite or street view. It takes some work, but it's well worth it.

I found a well on one tract that was drilling in 1980 and that my line had never been paid anything on. That is sweet. And I would never have known about it without plotting out the leases, bringing up the satellite view and identifying the wells on the tracts.

Greene County has a Geographic Information System (GIS), however it is not available online.  The government page for the Green County GIS insinuates that they have parcel boundaries mapped in their system, therefore, you might be able to buy a plat map from them, with collars featuring map coordinates in NAD 27 State Plane, or possibly in the Geographic Coordinate system you could use with a GPS to find your corners.  While you are subject to metes and bounds, you still have parcel boundaries that are mapped by authorities who provide you with a tax bill.  Generally, a GIS system used today in the US will have the means to cast coordinate values in a number of coordinate systems, but the State Plane Coordinate System is the one most often used because it is localized to a state's ground coverage.  NAD 27 was usually built in meters instead of feet, but NAD 83 is in feet.  

I have access to all types of information for mapping this sort of situation. Please feel free to check out my website at Let me know if I can be of assistance to you and/or your neighbors. 


Thanks Jessica. I checked out your site. Very nice.

I have the well location plat map EQT submitted to DEP as their proposed site but does not acurately show the physical location of the actual plat on a surface topo map. I have their well location plat showing the proposed KOP, then their proposed shaft and landing location, then location and total depth of end of the horizontal section, all with GPS coordinates. Nice but their plat map is "not" projected on an actual physical topo map of the area with coordinates. I google earthed these coordinates but then everything on my side is confused, as the property I own, is from a deed from 1939 when boundaries were written.... from a stone for 3 1/2 purses to a white oak tree, thence along the border of the throckmorton property to ..... another no longer existent post, or tree etc. I only have a rough ourline of the borders as described and hand drawn my one of my cousins who lives there. I do not have any surveyors accurate survey of the property? ? ? ?  ?

Not sure where you can help, I have the general outline. I have created some coordinates of where the property should be and follows, but not an actual border.

Any proposals will be greatly accepted. 


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