If there is no RADIATION in waste "brine water", why is the DOE spending $1.6 million to filter it out?


"The Department of Energy and General Electric will spend $2 million over the next two years to remove naturally occurring radioactive materials from the fracking fluids produced by America’s booming shale-gas industry."

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The representatives from ODNR and D&L Energy insist there is no or minimal radiation in the waste being pumped into Ohio injection wells.   They are saying this even though about half of the toxic waste is coming from Pennsylvania where significantly higher levels of radiation are found in drilling produced water.

I agree, but I think it needs to be transported as radioactive waste with continual site to site monitoring, and the trucks, trailers, and drivers need to be continually monitored for cumulative exposure, this is not being done at the moment. In fact, most of these drivers and many of the employees at D&L do not even know that there is a risk of radiation exposure.  ODNR and the industry are trying to keep people in the dark on this subject.    This does not breed trust in these organizations.


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