Is anyone seeing leasing activity in Southeastern Tuscarawas?

Has anyone approached you to lease your oil and gas rights in Southeastern Tuscarawas?

If you would rather Friend me please do so .


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I sent you a friends request. 

Jim ,

I'm in Guernsey County and we are getting bombarded with these guys with lie after lie relating to acre amount and net vs gross . I signed up with a lawfirm that has done 3 leases for me and we get good results . Below you can call Diana at KWDG , She's the paraleagle for Matt Onest . Best wishes .

Mickey just called me regarding conversations Ohio Valley is having with members of your group. Perhaps you should ask everyone to tell whoever approaches them with a lease to discuss it directly with Attorney Matthew Onest. It may save them a lot of repeat visits by landmen. I know some of your people are elderly and they get a little frustrated.


Diana L. Tschantz, CAP-OM

Litigation / Oil & Gas / Real Estate Paralegal

Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty Co., L.P.A.

6715 Tippecanoe Road, Ste. 2C

Canfield, OH 44406

Direct Dial: 330-244-2868

330-286-7065, X186 (ph)

330-244-2868 (fax)


I agree with you about KWGD.  They have helped me out a couple times in the past and I contacted them last week about having them represent my acreage again since my 2017 lease with Eclipse/Montage/Southwestern just expired.  

Mickey and David,

I've used KWGD with mixed results and very expensive. I am now using Emens, Wolper, Jacobs and Jasin out of Columbus, Ohio who only represents landowners. Dick Emens has been around forever and was on the forefront concerning leases. Attorney Cody Smith worked on my lease and he was wonderful with easy access. If you are willing to do negotiations yourself with their written input they have reasonable pricing. And of course they review everything on the final lease and guide you through the signing. 614-414-0888


I'm glad Emens, Wolper, Jacobs and Jasin have worked out for you.  I think I met Mr. Evans back in 2011-2012 when this was all getting started.  He was very knowledgeable and provided a lot of good info.  There are probably others out there too that are worth the cost.  My personal feeling is that even though I have read up a lot about oil and gas and feel that I have learned quite a bit, I know that there is still a lot that I don't know and I want someone on my side that can help guide me through the process.  And I really want an attorney on my side (whether that is KWGD or Emens or another experienced oil and gas attorney) to go through the lease before I would sign it.  I have been leased twice and had the leases expire in both cases.  This time around may be the most important one because this may be the one where we actually get drilled.  


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