Is it possible to deal with Chesapeake in a straight forward manner?

I have a lease that was originally with another company and was traded to chesapeake.

Not long ago, a landman representing chk contacted me and said they would like to change the max unit size from 640 to 1280. I said send me the amendment and i would look at it. What I received was an amendment that deletes my entire pooling and uniitization clause and substitutes theirs!

The landman just says well the reason they are rewriting my lease this way is to increase the unit size. Puleese ..... They took out all parts favorable to me of course. They could have just changed unit size by saying change 640 to 1280, all other provisions remain unchanged but what they sent me was a sweeping change. The landman wont even acknowledge this. Either he is the dumbest guy on the planet or he thinks i am.

My question is, is it possible to have an honest discussion with chesapeake about the lease or is it be run over by them or nothing? My inclination is to go for nothing then.

They are talking about an offer for the utica but i dont think i want to deal with them. I believe i have learned with them, you better get everything in the bonus because what the lease says means nothing. They will do what they want anyway and what are you going to do about it. Even after the lease is signed if they want a change, they say give us this change or we will never include you in a unit.

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Where are you and where is your terrific attorney????

You can not let them slaughter you this way.

It's all wrong.

Marshall County WV.

AEU using the same wording and approach as CHP

Update. The landman's boss called me today. He said he saw my post on go marcellus shale. He pushed very hard saying the lease changes were necessary etc etc and the lawyers were not comfortable with my lease language. I told him i wasnt comfortable with theirs and back and forth like that. I have no interest in having these guys talk to me like i am an idiot and i am not going to let them push me into wholesale (or retail) changes in my lease language. Looks like the lease will just end up expiring next spring since he said they would not drill on my land unless the lease language was changed to suit them. He did not think the lawyers would be willing to just change 640 to 1280. They called me but to hear him talk, you would think i called them asking for something. For what it is worth, these men are contractors whose company does work for chesapeake.

S S C accept my friend request  on here

Same thing happened to me. My lease has now expired.
Then you are free to lease to someone else going forward.
I sent you a friend request....we had the same issue recently. I would be happy to talk with you about our experience.
All you guys with expiring acreage should form a group with one attorney. The bigger your association is the better terms you can get; and don't lease to CHK one Enervest.


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