Is there a bright future for Westmoreland County, PA drilling prospects?

Has the flurry of drilling interest faded for the Beaver Run Reservoir area in Westmoreland County, PA  including the Delmont area?  Olympus Energy, CNX Gas and others have well pads in this area.  Olympus has Marcellus wells in the Plum area and CNX has Utica wells around Beaver Run Reservoir.  Are more planned?  Any news about the recent Shaw Utica well results?   Any more pipelines planned if more wells are drilled?  

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Hello Farmgas, I have relatives  not far from the town of Delmont.  Actually north of Murraysville on the Sardis road.   Last that I knew a well had been drilled on the McGurk farm a few years ago.  You might try to contact George McGurk, my brother in law, and ask him about it. I believe it is in Salem township.  Granddad Ladd

Thanks Granddad Ladd, and nice to have you back on-line again.

My wife has had some serious health problems related to diabetes.  Trips to various doctors, hospitals has curtailed my visits to several internet sites.  And then of course the political scene has not helped either.  Who knows what will happen next?   I guess the price of gas has risen according to the quotes on this site in one of the sections. Hopefully it will trickle down to us in a month or so.       Anyway, glad to see a reply from you Farmgas.       Granddad Ladd


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