is there anything possitive for NY landowners after the election?

NY Marcellus activity

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Marcellus success for New Yorkers will rely on several things. And as important as anything else will be the political demise of Shelly Silver. Silver is currently Speaker of the NY House. He is a Manhattanite and he is anathema to upstate NY . . . . ALL of upstate NY. Silver is also an impediment to Cuomo, as he has been to Governor Paterson. Silver, for all practical purposes, runs the State of New York.

Silver is a very powerful politician, extremely well entrenched. I don't know if Cuomo will be able to take him out. I don't even know if Cuomo will try. But if Silver goes, politically speaking, upstate New Yorkers' Marcellus prospects will be greatly enhanced. Candidly, if Silver can be neutralized, the entire State of New York will benefit enormously. The guy is a cancer.
Agreed about Silver, he is basically completely agianst anything being done to help upstate ( gas is just the latest). He would much rather send us Welfare than help us grow and prosper.. You see, that would dimish his power base dramatiacally if we created several 10s of thousands of new upstate millionaires, then we could buy our own politicians ;-)


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