Anyone out there offered anything other than Wishgard?

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What a position you are in.

Do you have an O&G attorney who can advise your next step based on what your lease states??

It would appear you have options if the company is bankrupt.

Have they told you anything about this?

Hi guys -

I am a bit confused by this post so could either of you explain a bit more the situation in Jackson?  I am watching Athens, Washington, and Meigs counties in Ohio and given the location of Jackson County, WV just over the river from Meigs, I am curious about anything past, present or future.

What formations have been of interest in the past?

Thanks for now.

At first I was told they were after the Marcellus and Utica. Later they said that there was  2 deeper formations that was just discovered . Our area is dead center of the two deeper formations and on the ending edge of the Marcellus. It started out that wet gas and oil was what they were after and later Wishgard announced that they were not going to flip the leases and that they were going after the oil only in those two formations. In the past in my immediate area shallow wells is all that has been drilled. There was two deeper wells drilled nearby in the past 3 years. One across the river in Portland Ohio and another about 5 miles away in Sherman WV in Jackson County.

I signed with Wishgard last May and they never paid within the 6 month period that they guaranteed. On the other hand I found out that they never recorded my lease or any others in Jackson County , or at least that I know of. The only communication that I have had was emails with Hal Whitlatch who is no longer with them. I have been told several times to give it another 30 days. Supposedly the company is bankrupt  BUT  Hal Whitlatch is trying to find a driller to sell the leases to. I don't see how he can flip the company's leases himself. Several neighbors and I are looking for alternative choices.  I let my original Mountaineer Gas lease expire so I could sign with



Thanks so much for the information.  

If you can remember the names of the deeper formations you refer to above it would be great.  

Do you know if the previously drilled wells were productive?  Do you know if they were conventional (vertical wells only) or horizontal wells?  Or, do you know the well names either in WV or Ohio?  I could do some searching from there.

Thanks again.


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