According to Marcellus Drilling News, people in Jefferson County, OH are getting offers as high as $6000/acre and 20% for leases with Ascent and Gulfport.  These numbers are impressive and reminiscent of offers in the sweet spot during the boom.  Hopefully this is a good indicator of what's to come in the near future.  Thoughts?  Anyone who can confirm these numbers?

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I agree with Dott. You will need an attorney to negotiate a good lease, and be careful of the attorney. I hear some are being paid off by the O& G companies.

I'm independent Landman who has a client/mineral owner who I negotiated for. I'm paid a % by the O&G leasing company, so it's in my best interest to lease for the highest amount of the mineral owner. If you have questions about leases or people buying contact me directly.

Has the amounts offered gone down drastically in Northern Jefferson county ohio? 

 Finally got our lease worked out. 6250 per acre bonus with 20% royalties and no deductions from the royalty checks. Lots of land protection for my family. With Ascent. Jefferson county,Cross Creek. Thanks for all the help GMS.

Sounds like you got a pretty good deal! I am hoping to get an offer soon in Hanover twp.Washington county Pa. It seems as if activity is on the upswing in our area. It is not very far to Jefferson county Ohio either.It is strange how companies do not want to cross state lines though!


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