Just wondering if anyone has had problems with  kimble company  I personally know someone who bought land 16  to 20 years ago and has mineral rights but upon buying the land was leased by kimble  from former owner  recently discovered kimble  sold lease to some one else  in those 16 or so years the owner never not once received a royalty payment from the company nor anything saying the lease was sold now the owner of the land is being told he can not lease his land even though the well (shallow well)is not on his land but is being told on the flip side if they drill under him he will receive royalties but no singing bonus they are also wanting to put a pipeline threw his property and pay him for that but again on flip side he can not be singed  for bonus payment. This all makes no since to me anyone else having this problem 

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So here's the Reader's Digest version: your friend is entitled to the royalty from the well from the day he bought the property to the present.  It was on him to contact Kimble when he bought the land in order to get the royalty and property conveyance documented.  If he did not alert Kimble then they likely kept on paying the old landowner.  If that's the case his beef is with the old landowner and not Kimble.  He needs to find out where those checks have been going for the last two decades.  He also needs to find out if Kimble is still operating the well and if not he needs to find out who is.  Once he has that information he'll have a better idea of what's going on. 

It would seem that parts of the original leased parcel have been sold off.  These parcels are still HBP by the original lease. RedHill should know who they are sending the checks to and if they are sending the checks.  It is the responsibility of the new owner to contact the oil company. Wish you luck working this out, it is disappointing to be HBP when so many are getting signing bonus but it is what it is. 

What does his lease say? We have a group which all had addendums, one saying Kimble could not sell or transfer the lease without written permission from the mineral rights owner. We have been receiving royalties for  Clinton well and receive free gas to our home. We are dealing with them to allow another company to frack, but have reached no agreement as yet.

Track down a copy of the original lease and look to see if there was a violation in the terms of the lease.  If so, maybe you can gave the original lease invalidated, as it pertains to your land, and then negotiate a new lease with a different company and maybe get a signing bonus.

Make sure you invalidate the old lease BEFORE you begin negotiations with another company.

kimble was not allowed to sale the lease it was suppose to stay in their name.they sold it to red hill and never even contacted owners he does not receive no free gas from well. now he is being offered to receive mineral rights when well is drilled but no singing bonus none of this makes since he is right around the ymca camp and deersville.his attorney told him there is alot of ppeople experiencing this same problem other than that thats it. i was thinking if it was to be a fact why their has not been a class action lawsuit yet?

We tried a class action, but each lease is worded just a bit differently, so each has to be filed separately. Or so we were told.


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