Does anyone know if there is anything going on in Knox Twp? Have some land there in an old lease that was ammended 1.5 years ago. Of course the lease is terrible. Just curious if anything was happening nearby. 

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David Knox is a good township to be in.Chesapeake moved a rig in yesterday in Wheeling township and they plan to drill in liberty township to the east of you on the Ringer farm. If you are in one of thoes old Ohio fuel leases they will be contacting you about changing some of the terms and that is a good thing you can negotiate some better terms location pad fee more royalty crop damage the list goes on however you will be dealing with Chesapeake if the old lease is with Ohio fuel and they are a good company. Michael J Belaj
So Michael are you saying that even though the lease was ammended within the last 2 years that they may take another look at it? I assumed that we signed it without knowing what was about to happened and we were just taken.  Maybe there is hope?
David If you are stuck with a old lease and they are willing to give you better terms thats a good thing. If they drill a well and you are part of that unit thats better. If you have any control of the size of the unit try to hold it at 640 acres the more acreage in a unit the more diluted your interest becomes. Michael

Michael,  my father has the mineral rights for 80 acres leased by Columbia Gas for a natural gas storage field in Liberty township.  I think it is to this to which you refer.  In November of last year a representative from Columbia, with a notary in tow, came to his house and got him to sign an amendment to the lease.  Being older and frail, he signed without adequately understanding what he was signing or for asking anything in return.  The amenment said that Columbia was subleasing the deeper formations for development to Belden Blake and Anschultz Corp.  Has Chesapeake become the successor to these two?

Yes Chesapeake is the successor and that is not a bad thing.They know how this play works and will do a good job. TKS Mike

The same thing happened to us. They came around to "update" the lease.  We feel like we made a huge mistake in signing it. But at the time we were unaware of all of this.  Our land is also in the Columbia gas storage field. I can understand why your dad signed....our man was very laid back and almost a joy to talk to. He was also a notary.  And he made it sound like it was the thing to do.   

The same for us, Can anybody tell me how to find out how many acres are to be in a unit ? We are close to one that is permitted already. Nobody has contacted any of us close buy.Thank you R.A.Bichard
Richard you can check with the Ohio Departmrnt of Natural Resources the oil company has to complete a permit application to drill, this will outline the unit . Thanks Mike
Thanks Mike. Can I go on line or do I have to caa
Richard You can go on line that should get you in if you need more help let me know. Thanks Mike
where are you located

3miles West of I77. on S.R.541 Dave.


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