We are new here and this may have already been discussed. We are leased to Kimble and have heard that Kimble sold their leases. Kimble, nor anyone official, has informed us of any such thing. How do we find out what is going on? How do we protect OUR rights?


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Most leases are transferable.  You should visit the court house your lease is recorded..they can tell you who the lease transfered to.  Your court house records might be online and your can view the transaction that way.  Leases are bought and sold like any other commodity.   Good Luck..
Thanks Mike. We will check it out.

From what I've heard, Kimble has not yet sold their leases. I think they are biding their time and evaluating offers as prices appreciate. The thing that makes their leases so valuable is that they usually had the landowners sign right of way for pipelines, which could be very profitable in the future.


As a matter of fact, they DO have pipeline right-of-ways on the lease. Thanks for the info, Randall.


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