I have been getting calls and letters in the mail about leasing my minerals in Sharon Twp, Noble county, ohio. What’s the best offer? I have about 300 acres that are available not leased.

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Please call me. 614-843-1080 Tim -Thank you

I don't know about Noble County , Ohio but in Tuscarawas County, Ohio I believe bonuses have been paid between $2,000.00 and $4,500.00 an acre with a Gross Royalty of 15-17%. This has been over the last two years. Some I'm sure more and some less depending on when they were approached and how badly the O&G company wanted their acreage.

Things are not crazy like they were in 2011. Now drillers only go after acreage they know they will drill. Before I was leased I may have gotten 1 letter a year to BUY my minerals but as drillers were seriously looking at the area the calls and letters came more frequently. 

The people who held off accepting lease offers ended up getting the higher bonus and royalty amount in the end as the drillers were moving toward forced pooling and unitization. But sometimes if you hold out depending where you are located in a unit they could just decide to cut you out all together and go around you or end the unit at your property.

Good Luck!1


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