Major slowdown expected in U.S. shale oil production BY KEVIN ROBINSON-AVILA / JOURNAL STAFF WRITER Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

"Last in a five-part series: Behind the Boom

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The shale-oil tsunami that has flooded New Mexico with a wave of petro dollars in recent years may be receding somewhat as U.S. production faces its first significant decline since the gushers began nearly eight years ago.Signs of trouble are showing up in major basins around the country, with a significant drop in drilling rig activity and sluggish growth this year compared with the spectacular bursts of production in recent years that has transformed the U.S. into the world’s No. 1 oil producer.

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Why New Mexico?  The last count I did there was greater than 12 Shale Oil States under theft.

The Shale Oil Boom began in Texas in 2005, that was 15 years ago, why is 8 years mentioned?

Someone has modified a story for New Mexico so that it would appear to be for the entire US.

One problem we might see is a glut of Oil caused by States having their oil production under reported by greater than 85% as is being done in Ohio. These O&G thugs treat all States the same, so 85% under reporting more than likely applies to the US.

Let's look at the bright side, as the Swamp will soon be drained in Washington, each state will experience the same draining of their own State swamps that have allowed this Biblical Theft against each States Citizens.

Let's all be VERRRY HAPPPPY and CELEBRATE during this time of Good Cheer, We Have So Much To Be Thankful For.

Doing this, will do more than You know.


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