mAN CAME TO MY house wanting permission to survey. What should i do??

He's from Jefferson Gas Gathering Company llc a shell company for mark West LLC. they have compression station close by. The Man said they want to enter landsurvey to locate pipe lines and well pads in the area isa what he said.

COntract says they want permission to enter land for the purpose of performing surveys that include but are not limited to characterization of land as to property ownership, topographic features, cultural resources, subsurface assessments, wet land delineation, and archeology,

Looks like they are doing it for business with Great river aka American Energy LLC aka American Enery Utica aka Ascent resources.  Same guys who didn't pay me on one contract and tried to not pay on another.

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If he didn't pay the first time and tried not to pay you the second time. You have your answer to your question.
No .....Hell No!!


(a no brainer)

Good luck Adam. I hope you cash in on this one.

If your lease says that they can conduct surveys, then you are stuck allowing them to do it.  You can fight it if you want, but they'll force you to abide by the contract and threaten to sue.  It happened to my neighbor.  

I have 200 acres and had them take that language out of my lease before I signed it.  I have a no surface use  clause in my lease, too.   Unfortunately, the best you can get for surveys is the market rate of $3-$5 an acre, from what I have heard.   The most I have seen is $7/acre.  It's insulting, I know.

If you are the surface and minerals owner, and they have an existing and valid lease, then it is your best interest to allow any and all surveys. How else will you make anything?? They will have to pay any surface damages from the surveys, if any. You would be foolish not to allow them to conduct their surveys.

what county are you in?

Shouldn't be a big deal to let them do their surveying.  Maybe you could ask to be there when they are on the property so that you can observe what they're doing if that helps you feel more comfortable. Should have that added to any agreement if that's what you want.  Otherwise letting them conduct surveying isn't a big deal and can be a benefit in getting things moving if you have a lease with them.

So the plot thickens. They came today but not to survey. they came to offer me $8000 to put what i believe they said was a 330" pipeline through my little 1.6 acre plot. guy said  tit might be up to 5 pipes pay around $8000 per pipeline.  He said it low pressure and would not cause an explosion. I asked if i could get free gas but he said no because its not their gas. blah blah

Could be a 30" pipeline but if it is a gathering line, I doubt that it is over 16" diameter, more like 6-8". Anyway, tell him until they survey the easement center line and width, you aren't interested. You need to know exactly where the right of way boundaries are located and how wide. Once they say 30' or 50' wide, then you can negotiate the number of pipelines within that easement width. Until then, there are too many variables.

thanks mike . the guy said 12"to 20".


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