Map of top oil producers in 2015 - Utica Shale with data by quarter

Got around to generating some new maps. Merged production data for all 2015.

Click on symbols and well paths for oil production data by quarter.

Utica Shale wells reporting 100,000+ Barrels of Oil in 2015 (27 total)

Quite a cluster in Londonderry Township, Guernsey County

The two Red Hill Farm wells in Madison Township would have been top wells but were producing 1/2 the number of days of many others. 

More maps to come, plus creating some decline analysis 2013, 2014, 2015. 

Interesting stuff.

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Did anyone see the map?  It didn't load for me and there was no "hot" button/link on the page to download it

Takes a bit to come up, perhaps the data needs to load, not sure. 

I am working on a larger more comprehensive map, with the overlay maps that show well paths and counties it is more difficult to share a large map to download, I will look into that, thanks for the feedback.

I saw the map and have a question for Greg. Is this oil or lng? Do you know the ingredients in the fluid?

The oil well production numbers come straight from Ohio DNR Production reports, values are listed as "Oil".

Also added "Gas" numbers from the Ohio DNR production reports for 2015. 

Working on a consolidated map and other things. 

Thanks, what was I thinking, ONDR would not have that kind of details.

Just combined that top oil producers map with top gas producers.

I don't know the oil production numbers for wells within a half mile of us; but the almost 100% pure NG gas coming out of those three wells exceeds a million whatevers every month.

And it is being sent directly to market via the existing Texas Eastern Pipeline; being sent and already sold to European and Chinese markets.

The sheer volume coming out of those wells far makes up for the currently low price of NG; a good example of quantity out surpassing current market value !


What county do you live in? 

I can create a county map for you with oil or gas production and post.



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