With all the discussions about drilling in Central PA, how are the  major companies now looking at those prospects?  How will CNX, XTO, EQT and Seneca Resources advance forward developing their leases for Marcellus or Utica Shale Gas?  What areas will be targeted?  Which counties offer potential?

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I think all of these counties offer "potential". Problem is they don't offer near as much potential as the core areas. Another issue hurting the demand for drilling these areas is most of the acreage is already held by shallow production. There is very little incentive to drill if everything is hbp and considered marginal eur compared to other areas.

In short, it's gonna be 10-20 years until you see significant drilling in the area. The core areas have to be drilled out considerably first.

Freestar -  did you see the March 13th Investor`s Report by CNX that glowingly described how prolific the CPA region is for Utica potential?  The information offered  seemed to exceed SWPA potential.  EUR was projected to be higher then that region or even Eastern Ohio.  HBP could be a short term problem, though.

So where is the mad dash for leasing in central PA? The Marchand and Winslow just killed new drilling for years. I know you have property in the area but the hype is over for now.

You sound like you have personal knowledge of the area.  I don`t imagine there is much new land to lease since most of it is HBP already.   CNX didn`t have plans for the area for several years according to their reporting in March, so I guess you are right that the hype is over for now. 

I have 33 acres in Cameron County, south of the Seneca wells. No offers or activity of any kind. Hoping...


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