Eclipse and Magnum Hunter/Blue Ridge Mountain Resources  to merge. Any thoughts on this?

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Great assets in the old Triad-Eureka portfolio.  Have acreage and pipelines, hope Eclipse could afford it.

Old timer---a lot in here to unpack, did not know encap was driver, VC has different priorities as you note. Unaware Eclipse purchased TP, but gets even more interesting then.  Did nobody pay attention to Aubrey's career arc.....

Aubrey probably faked his death and is now sitting on a private Island sipping a cold one.And may still be calling the shots! I know; I watch too much TV.

Haha  and guy who escaped Alcatraz 

Ok, that's very interesting.  Song sounds the same for reason.  I will take a look.  Thanks!

both had to do something...

Old Timer, as a landowner with unleased acreage in BMR/Eclipse joint development area, would you mind expanding on the "rub Of'' to landowners you refer to?


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