Hi Mike and Keith - I love the news updates that are posted, but the result is that they bump down all conversations from the main page. Just saying. Jesse

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just hit the" view all" button and you can see the rest of the posting sorry to have MADE IT SO HARD ON YOU Jesse

You are making the site a clip service. Whatever ... this site use to be more than cut and paste articles and grumpy people.
See ya!

U sound like a GRUMPY PERSON



Can't you guys just post once or twice a day?

For your posts to have any value, they have to be printed out.

Then they are only good for wiping your backside.

this way u never run out of toilet paper PB

Which is important since he is so full of crap

Mike; keep up the good work of compiling articles on the biz. There is very little leasing activity that sparked all the activity of years past so your posts are keeping the site worthwhile. Knowing what is going on in the industry, from crackers to pipelines to power plants to exports, gives landowners reasonable expectations of the future. That allows them to make educated decisions when dealing with leases, training, jobs, investments, and more.

People can only read so many political posts or posts about how evil the whole industry is. Worse they usually end up with nothing but name calling and one-ups-manship.

Thanks for posting some stuff worth reading.....

Mike,   I definitely agree with Jim on this one.  It is quite useful to have a one-stop access to utica and marcellus news from around the web.  Thanks for what you do.

I also concur. Please keep up the good work.

i also look forward to your news articles. probably wouldn't come here if not for your posts. one can only take so much misinformation from the likes of ron hale and the chk bashers.

keep up the good work.



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