anyone getting any decent offers to buy minerals lately?

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Yes still getting a few. Check your messages to see why I said hell no..

Please share Evan, from your previous posts you were considering selling part, did you find something out that changed your mind?

Friend me on here and I'll explain. to much to get into on here for now


i wouldnt  waste my time for 12k.

I'd waste part of my time ..........

its hard to say no,especially if you have a few hundred acres but it could be worth at least ten times that.

agree it's hard to's tempting........currently working on the mineral deed language to protect surface rights..... 

i do have to say 12k and 18% would be really good for a lease.

american energy partners bought land for over 20000k acre in the utica

id waste none of time,, american energy partners paid over 20000 acre for property

i just recieved a letter with an offer to buy all or part of my minerals 266,6oo.00 in harrison county athens rownship i have only 34.40 acres i think that should tell you all what we have under are land the company that sent this offer is out of birmingham al.edr is the name on envelope hope you can all hold on to your minerals.i am already leased and happy with what i have gotten so far so i don't ever plan to sale.


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