I'm trying to get a sense for where the mineral owning community is today in terms of what are their frustrations and what are their needs?

Are these evolving or have they stayed essentially the same? I know there are the issues that remain the same, i.e. Royalty deductions etc, but what else is on your radar and what would you change? Either post below or email me at keith@shaleforum.com.

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Marceliousgas.org offers drilling maps at 10$/well.They also offer well packets,though I am not sure of the price(please check the spelling).If you are not a member,which I am not,you get limited information on their website.I would love to see the areas that each well on a well pad will be encompassing,but,I guess it costs me nothing to be patient and see what happens...

I have also used Marcellus Gas.org and the fee is for their services in getting the information for you. It is all of public record and you can go to the courthouse in the municipality the drilling is in to search and get any documents filed however it is a grueling task, particularly if you aren't sure what you're looking for. Marcellus.org provides the svc of gathering the data and making it available for a surprisingly minimal cost. I got the drilling maps, permits filed, etc, and and ended up having more data than one of the landmen who came by on another matter.  :)  Marcellusgas.org is an excellent source of info and has great forums in all of the drilling regions. They are also an excellent resourse once your wells have begun production for getting the production figures each month as turned in to the DEP.

Thank you,Lori.It may be easier and more productive to pay the fee as opposed to the fun trip to Pittsburgh,Land of never ending detours...

My needs are the same. It's just that, my lease expired and while there is drilling less than 2 miles from me, I haven't been contacted by a landman in a long time.


Still awaiting to sign a gas lease. We hope to get the opportunity soon. We live in Susquehanna county just south of 374 near Herrick Township.

Thanks Ty!

Slow, slow, slow.  Got put in a unit June 2011.  Lease was sold twice.  First company put in the pad and drilled verticals. Second company drilled Horz. and the 3rd company Gulfport fracked. Due our first royalty check this month.  Told by Gulfport that was not going to happen. They want to review the mineral searches again. ( you know the 4th time is charm) They hope to do this in Oct. and send out division orders in Nov. so I'm guessing maybe Dec. or sometime in 2018.  So my frustration is there is so little we can do if the O&G companies don't want to honor the lease.  At this point I will send them a letter stating they are delinquent in payment and wait until they decide to pay.  At that point I will need to send another letter saying they forgot the interest on my money. I'm in Monroe County Ohio.

Wow, that is crazy...i hope the light is at the end of this tunnel!

We have a few acres in Smith Township, Belmont County and signed with Hess in 2012. Our lease expired in March 2017. We knew our lease had been sold to American, but we were never notified when it was sold again. After a couple months of trying to get return calls, we finally reached an Ida Lewis who gave us the number to call Ascent. When we finally got through, we were told our lease was sold to Gulfport in Dec 2015. Shannon VanHoesen/ Gulfport stated that they share rights with Rice and that drilling started before our 5 year lease expired and they do not have to pay us another 5 year lease payment. She stated the well (Big foot 3 unit/ Big foot 4H well) started producing in June, although we have yet to receive a check. She said it could be 60-90 days before we receive any checks and that checks would be coming from both Rice and Gulfport. Dealing with these companies has been extremely frustrating.

Wow, that's frustrating. I hope your patience is rewarded.


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