Is there current companies leasing oil and gas in monongalia county. 

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You can go to the West Virginia Office of Oil and Gas Weekly Reports  and look at the Permits list. That is arranged by county. When you find one for Monongalia County, you can see who the company is. The most recent week has a plugging permit for Monongalia. It is not as active as some counties but there are things happening.

Another place to look is the West Virginia Office of Oil and Gas Permits search

This allows you to search by county. There are several different stages that a proposed well has to go through between when the company is issued a permit and when the well starts producing gas and oil. Some of these need permits, so you will see multiple permits for the same well.

Maybe that helps.

Just looking quickly at this, it appears that Northeast Natural Resources seems to be the most active.

Thanks for the info. Do you know if there's a way for me to Market my minerals so that they can be leased? I have several tax tickets that I inherited. Some are in different counties

You could contact the companies that are active in your area.

My understanding is that EQT can be difficult to work with, and Chesapeake has a bad reputation for not treating lessors fairly.

You could search the Groups tab at the top of the page, and find your state (I guess all in WV) and the county (counties) involved, and read some of the discussions there.


North East Energy in Morgantown is very active.

I strongly suggest you get a good O&G attorney to advise you on everything you've got.

Then comes the leasing and bonus negotiations.

Very big deal.

If you've never done this before then you do not know how many ways there are to be taken advantage of.

Be careful..

I speak from direct experience(s).

Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it. Would you by chance have any contact info or person? Perhaps an email, text or phone number? Maybe an address?


Charles R.(Rick) Moore

Could you suggest a good O&G attorney?

I do and he is very good.

I will have to ask him and get back to you..

If he is not available then he knows another good one.

I wanted to also tell you that HG Energy out of Parkersburg may be leasing.

Stay tuned.


I can recommend two

Scott Windom, Windom Law Offices in Harrisville (Ritchie County) WV 1-866-451-2947

Kyle Nuttall  who is a member of this site. He is based in Buckhannon, WV.


Here is my story for what its worth and discussion....


 I m a land owner in Monongalia County. I recently got signed with Edge resource partners. We signed a lease for $2500/acre and 14% royalties. We were told that we needed to sign before they could do a title search do determine what part land owner we were. This would tell us how much bonus money we would get. Said it would be 90 days before we got our checks.  Me and my sister waited and waited. Didnt hear anything so about two weeks before the 90 days were up i cintacted the landman,  Matthw Riva. He said, sorry but we are backing out and we arent paying any of our leases. Said there was a clause that lets them out of the lease and that the bonus was not a promise but a contract. I am told the contracts are standard with this wording on it but this is very unprofessional. Any ideas on this or any companies in monongalia county that would pick up a lease cause they didnt even file the lease. I checked with monongalia county idx

I really appreciate all the good information. If anyone knows of any other companies in the morgantown area that are active or currently looking for a lease for oil and gas please put me in contact or if you have a company name that would be great. 


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