Looking for a good oil/gas attorney to resolve a title and lease problem for property in Harrison County.

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I have used KWGD out of Canton and have been happy with their work.  I have also heard Emens and Wolper out of Columbus mentioned on this site before but I have no personal knowledge of them myself.  Good Luck to you.

Thank you, appreciate the assistance., 

Yes, I am one who has used Attorney Cody Smith from Emens, Wolper,Jacobs  & Jasin.  Very pleased with their work .Easy to make contact and to talk with. Free 30 minute phone consult.  I feel they are more reasonably priced than some other Oil & Gas Attorneys as well. They are out of Columbus, Ohio. 614-414-0888 Ask for Cody Smith. Good Luck

thanks for your response.

I used KWGD for deeds on my inherited Parcels in 2014. I expected them to research exactly what I now owned because they did have to look back in history of who owned what. Well they left out a Parcel and it was not discovered until 2017 and had to be redone. But many people on this site has recommended them over the years. Mistakes happen but I was not pleased. I think they are a big practice and are busy and things get handed off. I am glad David had a better experience.


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