After reviewing comments and posts, I've decided to add the below rule to our Community Guidelines. Please be aware of this rule going forward.

Do not post disruptive off-topic responses: These forums are for and about Shale. We do, however, allow non-disruptive off-topic discussion in our forums as fitting with the community of posters who frequent them. A site user can see the title and decide if they want to participate. Any topics that are volatile are discouraged and can be removed at our discretion. The less connected to shale and energy the post is, the more likely it will be deleted and a warning issued. What is absolutely prohibited is posting a response/reply that does not directly relate to the original post. It's selfish and it disrupts the process of learning and networking.

Our complete guidelines can be found here - or under the Home tab.

Thank you.

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I like this new rule.  Hopefully you find it easy to enforce, and it minimizes some of the off-the-rails ideas being posted here lately.  It will be nice to get back to discussing oil and gas related topics only.  Thanks Keith.


This sounds like a good idea, lets get back to sharing information that is based on facts, not rumor.


This does not seem unreasonable. Perhaps create sub-forum(s) for things that are tangentially related such as jobs in the industry, rentals (I have a few near Carrollton I've never posted here because I haven't been sure it's appropriate), etc. 

Thx for the idea Mike

Thank You

Sounds good, important to return to focus on the industry, lots of other forums for the other topics,

Thank you, Keith.   I`m certain there are other long time members like myself who have enjoyed being a part of your blog site by sharing & learning what was happening in the NG industry.   As a landowner,  I learned from other members how to navigate through this ever changing world of the gas industry.   Thank you to you for providing this opportunity to me and other members.   I wholeheartedly support these new forum rules, and   I pledge my compliance to them.   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family.

Thank You Sir!

Was hoping to express my thought as best as I could concerning the fracking in other states.  Fracking and  the gas and oil industry is very complicated.....Much more complicated then I had any idea it was.  At any rate I have learned much from this site,  Derogatory statements do not belong on any site as important as this site is.

Granddad Ladd

A nice addition to the rules of the forum...sadly, it was necessary, as I think some here (myself included) were losing interest.

Kudos for the change!! Thank You Keith!


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