Sounds like confidentiality didn't hold up. A peek into the future, I guess.  

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Correction.  That is not a LNG facility but a gas to liquids.  LNG is Liquefied Natural Gas.......methane that is compressed and cooled until it liquefies.  That vastly reduces its volume and makes it much easier and cheaper to store and ship.

This article is about gas-to-liguids which is taking natural gas  and, using complex chemical processes, converting it into gasoline, diesel fuel, alcohol and other liquids.

Still good news as it will create jobs, demand, and essential products.

Thanks for posting this.

Hopefully this plan will become a reality. More jobs and dollars being pumped into the local economy. Cannot happen soon enough.

Jim,   Thanks for the correction.  I read the article too fast and titled it LNG in error. I know that the process to transform natural gas to liquid form requires a temperature -260 degrees, LNG  can be warmed to bring it back to natural gas form again.


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