PDC has its contractor building new well pad on Tick Hill Rd just out of Coal Run

I have not seen a permit yet, I dont know how to look up County Engineers Report,maybe someone that knows how can help? That would be Adams Twp. Washington County Oh.

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My mistake , this pad is across the TWP line in Waterford TWP

You likely won't find the permit on the county engineers website.  Try looking on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website.  I'm not sure how often they update their spreadsheets though.

It was permitted on 9/4/15 with 3 legs but know info in the website yet other than that. Drove by the pad the other day it's just off the road and ready to go, looks nice, no equipment though.

Looks like it is the Mason Pad with 3 wells that were permitted 9/4/2015. The links will be live so the documents uploaded by the state will appear once they are actually uploaded. 

Mason 2H- https://gis.ohiodnr.gov/Website/DOG/WellSummaryCard.asp?api=3416729...

Mason 3H- https://gis.ohiodnr.gov/Website/DOG/WellSummaryCard.asp?api=3416729...

Mason 4H- https://gis.ohiodnr.gov/Website/DOG/WellSummaryCard.asp?api=3416729...


I am lucky enough to have some acreage in this unit. It's only 469 acres with 1 verticle and 3 horizontal wells. I have some pictures but have had trouble in the past trying to post them from my phone.
The unit is 469 acres....NOT the amount of acreage I have in the unit. Just to be clear. I wish I had that many acres!!

Congrads Steve, Those laterals look like they go almost to the Morgan county line.

I understood you the first time, hope they are doozys. See some equipment on site, like a core drill maybe.

Yea, they moved in some equipment yesterday. Supposedly they are going to drill down a few hundred feet with a big bore and encase it with several layers of steel and concrete.

That's called the conductor casing. 

They stop at the Morgan co. line.
Thanks James, I know VERY little about the process.


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