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Aubrey too!

Energy tycoon was driving 90 mph without a seatbelt before slamming...

Energy tycoon Aubrey McClendon made no real attempt to stop his car before slamming into a wall at 90 miles an hour, killing himself in the process, Oklahoma City police said on Monday.

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Aubrey McClendon in August 2007.Photo: AP

On March 2, McClendon, 56, drove his 2013 Chevy Tahoe off a highway road at about 90 miles per hour without wearing a seatbelt before slamming his car into an underpass, Bill Citty, Oklahoma City’s police chief, said at a press conference.

The data, which was pulled from a black box inside the fracking magnate’s car, gave scant details of the last five seconds of McClendon’s life before the head-on impact, which caused the car to erupt in a ball of flames.

While the police chief acknowledged that McClendon “did brake several times,” he noted that there weren’t any skid marks on the road, indicating that the former oil magnate didn’t make an attempt to put sufficient pressure on the brakes to stop his vehicle.

When asked if there was any evidence that his death could be ruled a suicide, Citty said he couldn’t answer that.

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The tycoon faced up to 10 years in prison and a $1 million fine.Photo: Reuters

“I’m not going to speculate on what the tapping of the brake means,” he said.

The top cop added that medical and cellphone records are still being sought, and investigators are still interviewing family members.

McClendon, the founder and former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, was indicted by a federal grand jury less than 24 hours before his death for conspiring to rig oil and gas leases.

Chesapeake was a major player in hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” a process of extracting natural gas from the ground. McClendon, who had at one time been a billionaire, was credited with leading Chesapeake to being the second-largest energy company, behind ExxonMobil.

He was also a co-owner of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team.

Listen to the 911 calls describing this horrifying crash:

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The recorded speed at impacted was 78 miles per hour

A 2013 vehicle is equipped with ABS. There should be no skid marks even if you slammed on the brakes.

That is not true: abs is lock, release, lock, etc.

They don't occur in an unbroken line but they occur.

Under your theory, why do you think the experts highlighted the absence thereof?

Just not as smart or up to speed as you?

I am well aware of the very short marks that MAY be made with ABS. I guess I don't call a couple of inches a skid mark.

I'm just not a smart aleck I guess, either.


I had a hard day.

The heat from a burning vehicle is very intense. The gas tank is a hazard as the vehicle burn progresses. In this case the bridge would be deflecting the heat in the direction of the bystanders, making where they are standing very hot.

Notice the people facing the fire without trying to protect themselves from the heat as if there is no fire.

Let's take a few "Selfies" with this vehicle in the background. Don't worry the gas tank won't go up for a few more minutes. 

We'd better move our vehicles I think the paint is starting to peel off.

Hey, my best plaid jacket is starting to smoke, cool!

Am I smelling pork rinds or is that just your arm on fire?

Very Strange.

I don't think the people in the photo are that close.  Close enough to feel the heat I'm sure, but probably not hot enough to make them back up.

IMHO this was definitely intended for him as a means to kill himself; very little doubt in my mind about that.

However, what I find most interesting is that there will be no way it can be proven as a suicide. Because if it was proven to be a suicide, his life insurance would not pay the beneficiary of the life insurance policy as such.

Although a crook, the man was no idiot. He guaranteed that his beneficiaries of his life insurance policy would be paid the benefits due them. Actually, there are not too many ways to kill yourself that would not be determined undoubtably as suicide.

Most life insurance policies will pay out in cases of suicide as long as death occurs more than 3 years from the beginning date of coverage.

Do billionaires have life insurance too? 

Maybe, especially ones that know they are in a position to lose everything.  

how did they know that was his body an hour after the accident?  to me the body would have been burnt beyond recognition.


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